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Black Eye #3 A Shameful Enlightenment
Black Eye #3 A Shameful Enlightenment

Edited by Ryan Standfest, published by Rotland Press

Black Eye No. 3 is a departure from the previous two volumes in the series. Gone are the essays, the short fiction, the fake advertisements and the proliferation of gag panels. The focus here is on the comics form. This newest volume includes ten longer form sequential narratives, from four to ten pages in length, and a number of single page strips. The majority of the material was created specifically for this book and there are stories translated into English for the first time. Black Eye No. 3 continues a deep concern with all things dark and absurd, but builds from the premise that once you receive your third black eye, you will achieve a shameful enlightenment.

The contributors include:

Alexis Beauclair / Tom Bunk / Andy Burkholder / Max Clotfelter / Mark Dancey / Kayla E. / Vincenzo Fagnani / Penelope Gazin / Julia Gfrörer / Anna Haifisch / Corinne Halbert / Eric Haven / Ian Huebert / Alejandro Jodorowsky / Clara Bessijelle Johansson / Francis Kulikowski / Meghan Lamb / David Lynch / John Maggie / Nicolas Mahler / Jérôme Mulot / Erik Nebel / Paul Nudd / Onsmith / Pierre La Police / Helge Reumann / Josephin Ritschel / Martin Rowson / Florent Ruppert / Johnny Sampson / David Sandlin / S. William Schudlich / Santiago Sequeiros / Sammy Stein / Brecht Vandenbroucke / Chris Wright

The cover is by Joan Cornellà.