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A Gun For Jennifer front cover (Vinegar Syndrome release)
A Gun For Jennifer front cover (Vinegar Syndrome release)
India ink, watercolor and gouache on Arches paper

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A GUN FOR JENNIFER is part of our Vinegar Syndrome Archive collection, celebrating forgotten cinematic oddities from the video store era. This collection was inspired by our own brick & mortar video stores, with locations in Bridgeport, CT; Aurora, CO and Toronto, ON!

Unique to this line, each hand numbered limited edition release will come fitted in a specially designed, bottom loading VHS inspired slipcase, while also including a double-sided poster.

These releases will ONLY be available on our website and at participating indie retailers. Absolutely no major retailers will be stocking them. This slipcase edition (designed by Corinne Halbert) is strictly limited to 5,000 units and may (but probably not) be followed by a standard edition in the future.


A young woman from Ohio fleeing an abusive marriage has just arrived in New York when she’s attacked and nearly raped by a pair of thugs. At the last second, she’s rescued by a gang of armed women who leap from a van, shooting one of the attackers dead and compelling the would-be victim to pull the trigger on the other. With nowhere else to turn, the young woman - who calls herself Jennifer - is quickly inducted into the gang, which has been targeting male sex offenders, leaving a trail of castrated cadavers across the city. As the cops start to realize that they have a vigilante squad on their hands, and the gang decides to set its sights on higher-profile targets, Jennifer must decide which side of the law she wants to end up on.

Shot almost entirely on location in Manhattan in the mid-90s, providing a snapshot of a gritty and grimy New York long-since disappeared, A GUN FOR JENNIFER - co-written, produced by and starring Deborah Twiss and co-written/directed by Todd Morris - is a brutal and bloody female revenge anthem in the tradition of Ms. 45 and I Spit on Your Grave, culminating in a balls-to-the-wall shootout to rival anything seen in The Wild Bunch. A sensation at the 1997 Fantasia Film Festival but criminally underseen in the intervening years, Vinegar Syndrome is proud to unearth A GUN FOR JENNIFER on Blu-ray in a brand new 2K restoration from the original 16mm negative, accompanied by a revelatory new documentary telling the fascinating story of this gonzo production.

directed by: Todd Morris
starring: Deborah Twiss, Benja K. Thomas, Rene Alberta, Tracy Dillon, Freida Hoops, Veronica Cruz, Sheila Schmidt, Beth Dodye Bass, Joe Pallister, Arthur J. Nascarella
1997 / 91 min / 1.33:1 / English 2.0 Stereo

Additional info:

Region Free Blu-ray
Newly scanned & restored in 2K from its 16mm original negative
Commentary track with co-writer/producer/actor Deborah Twiss and director/co-writer Todd Morris
"The Making of A Gun for Jennifer" (50 min) - brand new documentary featuring interviews with co-writer/producer/actor Deborah Twiss, director/co-writer Todd Morris, director of photography David Tumblety and actors Benja Kay, Joseph Pallister, Beth Dodye Bass, Veronica Cruz and Joe Hone
Original trailer
12-page booklet with an essay by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas
Double-sided poster
Reversible sleeve artwork
English SDH subtitles